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  1. What is needed to book Pampered & Pretty?

We require a signed contract and $100 non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your wedding day. We book on a first come first serve bases. We do send a curtesy email to allow you 24 hours to consider booking if another bride has inquired.  

2. What forms of payment does Pampered & Pretty accept?

We except credit, debit, & digital check payments thru our online invoices. We also accept Venmo and Cash payments on-location for add on services and upgrades to previous agreed services. We do not carry change with us on location. We DO NOT accept Checks.

3. What is the best method to sign Pampered & Pretty’s contract?

We are completely digital! We work thru a third party planning software which makes the process of signing your contract, paying your invoices, scheduling your trial, planning your services and dealing with your timeline a breeze! Once you become a P&P Bride we will send you a client portal which will contain all of your important documents in one location.

4. Where is Pampered & Pretty located?

We are a Charleston based on-location bridal service. At the moment we only offer on location service for bridal parties. Meaning where ever our brides are getting ready is where we will be providing services. For trials if you are in town for the day we are happy to host you - shoot us an email so we can work out the details for you!

5. Can I book now and set up a trial date later?

Absolutely! About 90% of Pampered & Pretty brides are out of town brides and prefer to do it this way! Given that Charleston is such a busy bridal market, Pampered & Pretty books out quickly. Most brides opt to secure their BIG day and choose a trial date for a later time.

6. Does Pampered & Pretty have a minimum service requirement?

Yes we do. We require a 6 service minimum for weddings happening on Friday, Saturday & Saturday in March, April, May & August, September, October. 

7. What is your travel fee?

We base travel on the location we are traveling to:
Folly Beach & Downtown Charleston: Free Travel
Isle of Palm & Sullivan’s Island: $30/artist
Plantations located on 61: $30/artist
Awandaw: $50/artist
Kiawah & Seabrook Island: $50/artist
$100/hour travel outside of Charleston.

8. How long does it take Pampered & Pretty to complete services? How many artist will be coming to do services?

We give each service 45 minutes to complete. After speaking with you over your timeline for services and the time you need to be ready for your photographer or to walk down the isle we work backwards from your ‘finish time’. The amount of services that are needed to be done will determine how many artist will be assigned for your wedding. Generally we add an additional artist after 6 services. But we also take into consideration your timeline. 

9. What products does Pampered & Pretty use? What if I want to integrate some of my own makeup into my service?

As a company we focus on providing professional services with professional products. Our kits are equip with products that focus on longevity and camera flawless finishes. If you have any sort of allergy or ethical restrictions/requirements please let us know and we are happy to take your preferences into consideration. Many times we have brides or mother of the brides who have provided certain makeup items that they prefer to be used and we are totally okay with this. HOWEVER, we do not guarantee the longevity of any product that we have not precisely picked in our professional kits. 

10. Hot Wedding Month Tips:

Hottest Months in Charleston: End of May - First of October (Charleston does not adhere to traditional Spring/Fall scheduling.)

We know this doesn’t really qualify as a question. However, we often get questions from brides questioning the weather and seeking advice on how to make their hair last in the hot months here in Charleston. As a Charleston local (Mariah speaking), I know better then anyone what a hot humid day can do to hair. I would HIGHLY recommend wearing your hair off of your neck! We use products that are created to coat the hair and prevent the humidity from causing you to frizz but we are unable to do anything about keeping you from sweating your down style out. Keep reading to our next questions on touch ups & style changes!

11. Does Pampered & Pretty provide touch ups or style changes?

Yes we do & we highly recommend them!!! We understand some girls just feel prettiest with their hair down and in the hot months we don’t feel like you should have to sacrifice what you want to settle for what makes most sense. Enters touch up hour/style change! Don’t worry Winter/Fall brides, this applies to you too! Touch up hour/hours is perfect to wiggle in between your ceremony and cocktail hour or between your cocktail hour and reception entrance. This way if tears have fallen, noses have been rubbed, lips have smudged we are able to touch everyone in the party up before the night continues. It is also the perfect time to transition from your elegant down style to a dance floor ready updo! Make sure to book your trial so we can try both styles out!

12. When should I book a trial? How many trials can I book? Can I bring someone with me? What should I bring to my trial? How do I prep for my trial?

Let’s talk all things trial! We advice that the bride do her trial 2-4 months out from the wedding. This way you should have your dress - the neckline of the dress can play into how you choose to wear your hair. Also the style of the dress can play into your look for the day, you don’t want a super boho dress and a retro hair style. We are happy to do as many trials as the bride needs, know that each trial will be charged for as a separate trial. We welcome you to bring the people you can trust to be uplifting and honest! We ask our brides to create a Pinterest board with images that inspire them. It is our job as professionals to look at your inspiration, find the common thread and help guide you towards a style that you will love! We ask our brides to have clean dry hair for their trial. We understand some peoples hair works best when it is a day old and we are cool with that - we ask that you shampoo your hair the day before your trial. 

Disclaimer: all questions and answers above are original content.