Pampered and Pretty is here to help you look and feel absolutely stunning for your big event. We believe that makeup isn’t supposed to cover up your beauty, but rather enhance it to help your brightest self shine through.

 If you’re feeling nervous or having some big day jitters, don’t stress. Everyone at Pampered and Pretty has been in your shoes. Working with the right team is just as much about feeling comfortable and relaxed as it is about the hair and makeup. Set your worries aside, get comfy, and let us work our magic.

 We know that your wedding day or other special event  is about more than just looking good for that single day, it will be embedded in time through photos and memories. Hiring a makeup and hair stylist is just as important as hiring a photographer. That’s why we are dedicated to creating a flawless look that will ensure your beauty is captured elegantly in every photograph for decades to come.

When you choose Pampered and Pretty, you’re choosing to work with a team of skilled artists that you can trust. We will make you feel beautiful, share a few laughs, and decode that Pinterest picture you love so we can match the makeup look or hairstyle. We will be there every step of the journey to help you plan out your look and execute it with ease on the special day. We will never make you feel uncomfortable, force a new trend on you or shy away from giving you honest advice.

 Here’s the thing, we know that it can be a big decision to hire someone else to take the reins on your hair and makeup. We know you want to look perfect, and hiring the right person for the job is essential. We are available for trial runs, where we can look at images that inspire you and get the vision you have in mind just right. It’s completely normal to have questions or reservations, and we’re here to answer anything you need. Contact us if you need any more clarifications or to go over your upcoming event.