MARIAH here 💁🏼

So many times I get asked  "Are lashes they really worth it?" YES GIRL, YES!! Lashes can be intimidating! Believe me, you should see me try and put on my own at home. But once they are in place, I am always so much happier with the way my makeup looks. And honestly they put a little sassy pep in my step! 


At Pampered & Pretty, we specialize in personalizing lashes for each of our clients. We carry cluster and strip lashes. We are able to look at your lashes line and pick out the perfect fit for you! We take our time prepping your lashes to ensure that your lashes will be with you thru the entire night and possibly into the morning, #afterparty! 

Here are some side by side examples of what a good pair of lashes can do for the face!

So YES GURL, they are so worth it! Don't be intimidated by them, leave it up to us to find the perfect comfortable fit for you. You'll be thanking us when you see your pictures and your eyes are POPPIN'.

XO ;